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Art in Watzek Library: Second Floor

A guide to visual art in Watzek Library

Details may be incomplete for some artworks. If you have information about a piece of art on this guide, we would appreciate hearing from you! Write to

Please note that not all artworks are represented in their entirety in these reference photos.


Unpainted pole, Lelooska (Don Smith), 2nd floor

Unpainted pole (detail)

Lelooska (1933–1996), Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl Northwest Coast)


Gift, Lelooska Foundation (Ariel, WA), 1996


Unidentified carving, 2nd floor

Cedar panel (detail)

Lelooska (1933–1996), Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl Northwest Coast)


Gift, Lelooska Foundation (Ariel, WA), 1986



Wall carving, 2nd floor

Wall carving


This decoration was originally on an exterior wall of the library building before the atrium was enclosed in a renovation, as can be seen in a construction photograph from 1966.


Stump Roost, Ted Vogel, 2nd floor

Stump Roost

Ted Vogel, Studio Head of Ceramics and Associate Professor of Art (1994–2019)

Donated in memory of the artist by his siblings


Cypress Log Bench, J. B. Blunk, 2nd floor

Cypress Log Bench

J. B. Blunk (1926-2002)

Gift of Dr. John Walton Caughey and LaRee, Caughey, 1984 


Lawrence Kirk CAS '16, from Central Control, 2nd floor

from Central Control

Lawrence Kirk, CAS '16

Oil on wood

Roxanne Davis CAS '13, I Actually Don't Even Like Cake That Much

I Actually Don't Even Like Cake That Much (detail)

Roxanne Davis, CAS '13

Inkjet print


Antanas Sutkus, People of Lithuania

People of Lithuania

Antanas Sutkus


Black and white photographs (photo represents one of seventeen)

This series shares a space with rotating temporary displays and may not always be on view.


Endangered Alphabets, Tim Brookes, 2nd floor



The Endangered Alphabets Project

Tim Brookes

explorare: manggalugad (Tagalog), written in Baybayin on maple

discere: surtugai ("to learn," Mongolian), written in classical Mongolian Bichig or Galik on walnut

sociare: gotong-royong ("to work together," Balinese), written in traditional Balinese on cherry

Oblique Scan, 2nd floor

Oblique Scan

No information about artist or date


Robert Wyville, Bishop Of Salisbury (rubbing), 2nd floor

Robert Wyville, Bishop Of Salisbury, 1375 (detail)

Rubbing made by Eleanor Mattersdorff in 1972, from the original in Salisbury Cathedral (Wiltshire, England), reputed to be the largest effigy-type memorial brass in Britain


Behind Mirrors, Jenny Rodgriguez CAS '18, 2nd floor

Behind Mirrors

Jenny Rodriguez, CAS '18

Inkjet prints (photo represents two of three)


Bust of Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, James G. Glon, 2nd floor

Bust of Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr.

James G. Glon


I Love You, Too, Eleanore Mikus, 2nd floor

I Love You, Too (detail)

Eleanor Mikus


Acrylic and tissue on canvas


Turtle mural, 2nd floor

Sea turtle mural (detail)

This mural of a sea turtle in Aboriginal style art was created by Lewis & Clark College students and the Aboriginal family they stayed with on their Australia Overseas Program in the spring of 2000. Everyone contributed to the mural by painting their handprints and footprints in the turtle's shell. Edy and Dino, two Aboriginal artists, worked on the outline and detail of the turtle (with dot painting).


Heroes of the Campaign, Wayne H. Chin, 2nd floor

Heroes of the Campaign (detail)

Wayne H. Chin


In honor of major donors to the campaign for Lewis & Clark College, 1991–1997


Dalia Ramanauskas, 2 Hardware Cartons, 2nd floor

2 Hardware Cartons

Dalia Ramanauskas


Gift of Justin S. Ebersman


Untitled, Dalia Ramanauskas, 2nd floor


Dalia Ramanauskas

Ink on paper

Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Schulman


Gate, designed by Ken Klos, 2nd floor


Designed by Ken Klos