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Art in Watzek Library: Work by LC Artists

A guide to visual art in Watzek Library

Details may be incomplete for some artworks. If you have information about a piece of art on this guide, we would appreciate hearing from you! Write to

Please note that not all artworks are represented in their entirety in these reference photos.

Work by LC Students

Behind Mirrors, Jenny Rodgriguez CAS '18, 2nd floor

Behind Mirrors

Jenny Rodriguez, CAS '18

Inkjet prints (photo represents two of three)


Located on second floor


Roxanne Davis, CAS '13, I Actually Don't Even Like Cake Very Much

I Actually Don't Even Like Cake That Much (detail)

Roxanne Davis, CAS '13

Inkjet print


Located on second floor


Lawrence Kirk, CAS '16, from Central Control, 2nd floor

from Central Control

Lawrence Kirk, CAS '16

Oil on wood


Located on second floor

Sarah Essex painting, 3rd floor

Under the Hawthorne Bridge / Salt Point State Park / Albany Bulb (detail)

Sarah Essex, CAS '17

Oil on canvas


Located on third floor


Black Liberation Flag, James Bullock CAS '21, 3rd floor

Black Liberation Flag

James Bullock, CAS '21


Soft textile


Located on third floor

The Unseen #4, Junnan Lyu, 3rd floor

The Unseen #4

Junnan Lyu, CAS '17


Inkjet print


Located on third floor


Work by LC Faculty and Staff

Stump Roost, Ted Vogel, 2nd floor

Stump Roost

Ted Vogel, Studio Head of Ceramics and Associate Professor of Art (1994-2019)

Donated in memory of the artist by his siblings


Located on second floor

8 in One, David Shratter, Administration Office, 2nd floor

8 in One (detail)

David Shratter, Assistant Supervisor of Circulation, Watzek Library (1991–2018)


Oil on canvas


Located on second floor, Administration Office


Bernard Hinshaw painting, Administration Office, 2nd floor

Untitled painting (detail)

Bernard Hinshaw, Professor of Art (1947-1973)


Located on second floor, Administration Office


Untitled painting by Barbara Bartholomew


Barbara Bartholomew, Visiting Professor of Studio Art (1994–2007)

Acrylic on canvas

Gift of the artist's son, Cameron G. R. Geddes


Located on second floor, Research Services Office


Toast, Phyllis Yes, 3rd floor

from The Bread Series

Phyllis Yes, Professor of Art (1978-2005)


Acrylic on canvas, acrylic with plaster of Paris on canvas


Located on third floor