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Digital and Data Services: Projects


Though our staffing resources are currently quite limited, we are always interested in exploring ideas for new projects related to data, data science, and digital scholarship. If you have an idea for a project that might benefit from a partnership with us, please get in touch with Jeremy McWilliams, Digital Services Coordinator.



2008 -

Founded in spring 2008, fills a gap in digital image collections of artwork on the web: it provides images of contemporary ceramic art by recognized artists delivered in a way that is tailored to ceramics education. accessCeramics uses the Flickr photo sharing service to support an innovative model of artist contributed images and metadata. The project, a partnership between Watzek Library's Digital Services and Visual Resources and Lewis & Clark's Ceramics program, has received financial support from NITLE and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Arachnids of Lewis & Clark


The goal of this project is to share information about the spiders that are generally found in Portland, Oregon, and specifically on the campus of Lewis & Clark College. The project began as part of Fall 2010 Perspectives in Biology course, designed to teach basic scientific inquiry to non-science majors. This iteration of the course was taught by Professor Greta Binford and focused on Biodiversity using arachnids as examples. The Spiders of Lewis & Clark showcases the research efforts of Binford's students, who collected and identified spiders from the Lewis & Clark campus and surrounding neighborhoods, and then contributed their work to this digital archive. The site displays geographic locations of spiders of Lewis & Clark, and shows a number of high magnification images of the collected spiders.

Corps of Discovery Online Atlas


The Corps of Discovery Online Atlas is a digital map of the historic route of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. This Atlas builds on the considerable past work of mapping the expedition both in digital and analog environments. Initiated in the fall of 2017, the project was developed by Lewis & Clark College History and Computer Science majors with guidance from staff at the Aubrey R. Watzek Library. The project builds on Watzek Library Special Collections’ notable collection of literature on the Lewis & Clark Expedition as well as the digital mapping expertise in its Digital Initiatives program. 

High Performance Computing



Watzek Library operates a high performance computing system, which we call BLT. BLT is a small, linux-based cluster computer, which is comprised of three worker nodes (bacon, lettuce and tomato), and one multi-purpose login, filesystem, and external data manager. BLT provides the ability for members of the L&C community to perform large-scale computations and simulations, analyze large amounts of data, perform computation-based science research, and more. So far BLT has supported research and coursework in Computer Science, Physics, and Biology. 

Lewis & Clark Digital Collections


We support the technical side of Lewis & Clark College Digital Collections, an Omeka based digital archive of objects highlighting the collections of Watzek Library's Special Collections and Archives

Lewis & Clark Collaborative Research


This site serves to foster awareness of student-faculty research and creative activities at the College of Arts and Sciences. Funded by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the site is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary connections between areas of the College through linkages between projects and to disseminate research activities to external audiences including scholars, prospective students, and the general public. 

Lewis & Clark Senior Projects


The site contains electronic theses and studio art capstone images submitted to Watzek Library over the past several years. We hope this will allow our users to easily find and access the great work generated by current and past Lewis & Clark undergraduate students.

Rabat Geneziah Project


The Rabat Genizah Project brings together an international team of scholars, local stake-holders, archivists, and information technologists to develop an interactive digital archive of Jewish documents from the Rabat Genizah. The Rabat Genizah Project invites participation from interested scholars, students, and community members. Questions and requests can be sent to the project director, Dr. Oren Kosansky, at: 

William Stafford Archives


We developed the site archictecture and design for the William Stafford Archives website, an initiative of Watzek Library's Special Collections and Archives sponsored by a Lewis & Clark President's Strategic Initiative Fund grant. The site has an interactive design that allows students and teachers to explore the development of a poem from it's initial draft to the point when it is published.