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Watzek Data and Digital Services works with Lewis & Clark faculty and students to enhance teaching, learning, and research. We support a number of technologies including digital archives, statistical computing software, and high performance computing. In coordination, with IT's Educational Technology's division, we work with faculty and students to integrate this technology into teaching and research activities. We collaborate with faculty to build data literacy and digital communication skills among our students. We also develop long-term projects in collaboration with faculty and assist faculty in the management of research data. We are located on the top floor of Watzek Library in rooms 329 and 343.


Image: Celebrating the first job run on the BLT high performance computing cluster.

Services and Support

  • Coding : We are eager to consult with students and faculty on their coding projects, particularly if it involves R, Javascript, PHP or Python.
  • Data Curation : We assist with faculty on their research data curation needs, and in many cases work with faculty to develop Data Management Plans for grants.
  • Data Literacy : We look for opportunities to build data literacy in the undergraduate curriculum. Our Data in the Disciplines Grant is an example of one such initiative.
  • Data Science Tools : We offer access to RStudio Server and JupyterHub, two of today's most useful development environments for data science computing. We also offer support and educational opportunities such as workshops in using these tools for students and faculty.
  • Digital Collections - We can help you organize and present a collection of digital objects (images, documents, recordings, videos). Some of our established digital collections include,, We are also happy to help develop short term projects including projects that happen in a particular class.
  • High Performance Computing :  Digital and Data Services runs a high performance computing cluster available to faculty and staff at Lewis & Clark. It has been used for bioinformatics, physics and computer science applications so far. Learn more.
  • Information Visualization and Presentation - We can help you communicate your ideas using digital tools. We support some specialized digital communication tools including ArcGIS Online, StoryMaps, R Studio, and Timeline.JS. We are developing platforms to promote science communication skills among our students, the first example being LCPhysX, a website showcasing student projects in physics.


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Parvaneh Abbaspour

Parvaneh Abbaspour

Science & Data Services Librarian

Jeremy McWilliams

Jeremy McWilliams

Digital Services Coordinator