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Video Making!: Images

Key considerations when using images from the internet

Images, just like text, are intellectual work and if you use other's images they must be cited. Here's how to do it:

1. First, whenever possible, draw your own images!  That way you can show your audience exactly what you want them to see and limit any unnecessary visual information/clutter.  Also, they require no citation as they are your own work.


Citing Digital Images from Web Pages

Locate the following information:

1. The name of the artist or photographer who created the image, if known.

2. The title (or caption) of the image - you will italicize in your description.  If you are using the caption and it's long, you can just include the first few words of it.  If no title or caption is given, give a short description of the work and do not italicize it.  Write "Digital Image" after the title/caption.

3. Title of website where the image was found. Italicized.

4. The publisher of the website - the name of the organization responsible for the website, followed by a comma.  If no publisher is given, use n.p. ("no publisher).

5. The date that the source was electronically published or the last update or revision date.  If no date is given, use n.d. ("no date").

6. Medium of publication (Web).

7. Date of access.

8. URL - write in angle brackets, with a period at the end. To avoid long URLs use the URL for the main page of the website.