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LC Invert TV: Tips


This guide has some tips on making effective videos including guidance on gear than can be checked out from the IT Service Desk:

A note of background music

Music adds pace, and excitement to your video, keeping viewers involved longer. Besides quality of your song, and fit to your video, you need to be careful to choose music that is not copyrighted. Songs like "Call Me Maybe" or "Hotline Bling" are fun and exciting, but it is against the law to use them for your own use. Some songs are copyright free or have use agreements which allow us to use them in class or for non-profitable videos. Resources with songs like this are:

            - Free Music Archive - Purple-Planet - YouTube Library - Free Play Muisc

Another note on sound

To reiterate a point made above: 

We are only able to publish videos with audio/soundtracks in the public domain. You will be asked to acknowledge that your video includes audio within the public domain when submitting to the site. A field will be provided for you to provide attribution for your music, if needed. You are responsible for determining the legal permissibility of the soundtrack for your video.  If you need assistance with this process, please ask!