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LC Invert TV: Abstracts


An abstract is key to helping viewers understand what they are viewing in your video.  Think carefully about how to add information that will complement and enrich the viewing experience of your video.  

Another note on abstracts

The purpose of LC Invert TV is to help people to get to know invertebrates better and to encourage close observation on invertebrate behaviour.  The abstract accompanying your video is a place for you to share information about the invertebrates(s) features in your video to help viewers to better understand them as fellow life forms.  Please use this space wisely and creatively.  Consider what pieces of background information would help a viewer better understand what they are seeing and/or pique viewers interest.  Please also be mindful that you are communicating with the general public and choose your language carefully.  Whenever possible, speak in plain language so that your ideas are accessible to many.