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Data in the Disciplines: Chemical Data Modules

This is the website for the Data in the Disciplines IMLS Grant.

Chemistry Data Curation Educational Modules

Below are links to modules derived from the curriculum developed for the Chemical Data Curation Workshop held at Lewis & Clark College on June 6-7, 2019.  The curriculum was created by Dr. Ye Li in partnership with the members of the Chemistry Workshop Planning Team.  It adapts inspiration and slides from more general research data management workshops developed by Amanda Whitmore in 2015, and redelivered by Parvaneh Abbaspour, Amy Blau, Eli Gandour-Rood, David Isaak and Gary Klein in 2016, at the core of which are DataOne and NECDMC educational content.  We are also grateful to Leah McEwen for her feedback on these modules. 

The curricular modules are provided in powerpoint format.  These materials are licensed as CC-BY-NC and it is our hope that they may be of use to others seeking to develop and deliver data management training to researchers generating and managing chemical data.  This content may be enhanced and reused, however we request that you provide attribution. Suggested citation:

Li, Y. 2020. Tutorials on Chemistry Data Management and Sharing.  Data in the Disciplines IMLS Grant.  Retrieved from


The in-person workshop included time for introductions and included a suggested pre-workshop reading of:

Velden, Theresa, and Carl Lagoze. "Communicating chemistry." Nature chemistry 1.9 (2009): 673-678.


If multiple members of a research team attend the workshop, we encourage teams to sit together in order to work on the activities together.