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Data in the Disciplines: Chemical Data Workshop

This is the website for the Data in the Disciplines IMLS Grant.

About the Workshop

As chemists and information specialists, we know how important data is and recognize its growing influence within the research process.  Data is everywhere; we create data, sift through data available online and in research literature, and share data among our co-researchers and peers.  It can be downright challenging to organize data, curate it, share it, and also comply with grant requirements and professional standards. As educators, we strive to teach students valuable concepts and skills that they can apply in graduate school and professional careers.  Many students at our institutions, however, do not receive formal training in data management and curation.


To help address these issues, five institutions (Lewis & Clark College, Reed College, University of Puget Sound, Whitman College, and Willamette University) have come together to explore how we as researchers and educators can more effectively manage and curate data through a one and a half day workshop.  


Workshop Format

The workshop will take place over a day and half on June 6th and 7th, 2019.  We welcome individuals or teams composed of faculty, students researchers, librarians, IT members, technicians, instrument specialists, etc., or any combination therein.

Day One of the workshop will cover the lifecycle of research data and research data management and curation (RDMC) content specifically tailored for chemists and their unique needs. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop file-naming and organizational strategies for commonly encountered chemical data types (e.g. spectra and other instrument output, physical samples, assays)
  • Discuss best practices for capturing and cross-referencing key details of experimental narratives in lab notebooks
  • Commit to keeping working data safe by establishing effective and efficient back-up procedures and routines
  • Review current practices for data-publishing and data-sharing within the discipline, including emerging repositories in the field.
  • Explore strategies and tools specific to various analysis outputs, such as SEM images or protein conformations.


Day Two will distill some general concepts around chemical data literacy and culminate in the collaborative creation of a one-hour RDMC curriculum module for chemistry majors. Student, faculty, and librarian participants will work together to develop a flexible draft module suitable for ready integration into the undergraduate curriculum.  


Attendees are encouraged to bring examples from their current work to apply what is learned, and implement RDMC practices at their campuses. By working together as a team from each campus and supporting each other across institutions, researchers along with librarians and Information technology staff will build successful services, as well as have a powerful impact on how future researchers utilize these important skills.


Workshop Partner

We are partnering with Dr. Ye Li, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Librarian at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to develop the curriculum and facilitate the Chemistry Research Data Workshop. Dr. Li earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry as well as an M.A. in Library and Information Science from the University of Iowa. She spent six years working as the Chemistry Librarian at the University of Michigan before moving to the Colorado School of Mines and ultimately MIT. She is a member of the Research Data Alliance Chemistry Research Data Interest Group and has published on chemistry research data management, research data sharing, and improving chemical information literacy.

Location and Time

This one-and-a-half day workshop will be held on the Lewis and Clark campus (directions to campus).  It will be held on June 6th (9am -5pm) and June 7th (9am-12pm).  


Registration and Cost

Please register for the workshop here.


There is no registration cost for the workshop. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Day One and breakfast and lunch on Day Two will be provided. Participants may apply for lodging and funding to support travel; preference will be given to participants traveling from outside of the Portland area. Contact a member of the Chemical Data Planning Group if you have questions.


Workshop Materials (Forthcoming)

Chemical Data Planning Group

  • Eli Gandour-Rood, University of Puget Sound
  • John Repplinger, Willamette University
  • Robin Ford, Reed
  • Parvaneh Abbaspour, L&C