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Data Visualization: LC DataStories

LC DataStories

LC Data Stories collects and publishes notable data visualizations created by Lewis & Clark students as part of their undergraduate coursework.  This page outlines details of submitting a visualization for publication on the website.  For details on our contests recognizing outstanding visualizations, please see the Contest tab.


We invite students to submit visualizations prepared as part of their undergraduate coursework.

Submission can be made through the submissions page on our website.

An entry consists of an image file of containing your visualization (.jpg, .png, .gif) together with an abstract written for a public audience.

Please submit images in either a square or landscape format.  Please don't submit a screenshot - their display is not ideal.

An abstract is required to accompany your visualization.  Think of an abstract as a figure legend written for a public (and non-specialized) audience.  For tips on preparing an effective abstract, please see the Abstracts tab.



Prior to publication, entires will be reviewed by the faculty from the associated course as well as a panel of library staff and students.  Entries will be reviewed for accuracy of content and successful communication to a general audience.  Entrants will have the opportunity to make revisions based on panel feedback prior to publication.