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Course Reserves: XanEdu

Course Reserves

Creating Course Packs with XanEdu

XanEdu allows faculty to assemble sets of course materials (including articles and book chapters), obtain copyright permissions from publishers, and create electronic or physical course packs for students to purchase through the College bookstore. The request process for course packs should be initiated four to six weeks before the beginning of classes.

You will have two options for constructing your pack:

Electronic course packs can be accessed through Moodle or a XanEdu app. Articles available through library databases can be incorporated into electronic course packs without paying for additional permissions from rightsholders.

Printed course packs will eliminate the need for students to print out readings, but resources already available through the library cannot be included without an additional cost for copyright clearance.

To request a course pack:

  1. Submit a completed order form and a list of citations to Rach Walters, our XanEdu Account Service Manager, at

  2. XanEdu will send you an order confirmation and instructions on how to upload copies of the readings. Alternately, you will be able to submit readings via email, fax or USPS, UPS, etc. Please follow XanEdu's submission guidelines to ensure clean copies are used in the packs. If you need a pdf or scanned copy, submit a request using Watzek's interlibrary loan service.

    You will only need to submit readings once—if you use something again in the future, XanEdu will have it in their archive.

  3. If you are requesting electronic packs, XanEdu will notify Watzek staff and we will look to reduce the cost of each pack by linking to databases available through the library. If you are ordering printed packs and you would like XanEdu to include a printed link to a Watzek database instead of the printed article, please speak with Rach at XanEdu.

  4. XanEdu will let you know when copyright permissions have been obtained and links to library resources have been added. At this point, you will be able to review the cost of each reading and add or remove selections, if necessary. Of course, any items added at this stage will need to go through copyright clearance.

    Please note that price list provided by XanEdu only represents the price for permissions and the XanEdu Content Prep fee. The final price will also include additional production costs and a margin at the bookstore. For more information about pricing, see below.

  5. Approve the pack. Make sure to do this quickly to ensure that the pack is ready by the time classes begin.

  6. The printed pack and/or the keycode will be finalized at the L&C Copy Center and delivered to the bookstore for students to purchase.  In the case of digital packs, the bookstore has elected to print the instruction sheet containing the digital keycode, one per student, and have it shrinkwrapped to a small piece of cardboard.  This ensures that each student receives their unique keycode at the time of purchase, eliminating the sale of duplicate codes. 

  7. If you've ordered an electronic pack, students will access the readings through the Moodle site for your course (it is not necessary to use Moodle for any other aspect of your course). Students will be prompted for the keycode when they access the readings for the first time.

For more information about ordering course packs, please see our frequently asked questions below. For assistance throughout the ordering process, contact L&C's XanEdu Account Service Manager, Rach Walters, at 734-302-6515 or

XanEdu Pricing

The following information is provided to give faculty an idea of what to expect when ordering XanEdu course packs. The cost for permissions from the rights holders will make up the largest piece of the final pack price and these royalties vary widely depending on the publisher, the content and the format. Though there are additional costs for the production of printed packs, we've noticed that rights holders may charge more for royalties on electronic packs, so prices are often comparable.

The final cost of each pack will include:

  • Royalties paid to rights holders—Varies widely
  • XanEdu Standard Copyright Clearance fee—$0.85 per citation
  • XanEdu Content Prep fee—$0.025 per page
  • XanEdu Handling fee—$3.45
  • XanEdu FolioX fee—Varies depending on the content
  • L&C Bookstore margin—Please contact the bookstore for final pricing.

Electronic packs will include a $0.41 charge per reader applied for the printing of the saleable keycode.

Printed packs will include these additional charges:

  • L&C Copy Center printing fee—$0.04 per black & white page; $0.49 per color page
  • L&C Copy Center binding, stapling, etc.—Varies; contact Copy Center (x7768) for specific pricing
  • XanEdu Certified Master Copy fee—$50 (this fee is split evenly among all the packs for the course)

Please note that links to library resources will not be subject to royalties, XanEdu Standard Copyright Clearance fees, Content Prep fees or FolioX fees.

For more information on XanEdu fees, please contact Rach Walters, our XanEdu Account Service Manager, at

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