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Course Reserves: For Instructors

Placing Physical Items on Reserve

There are three ways for instructors to place items on course reserve.

  1. Use the Course Reserves Request button in the library catalog (watch this video to see how), or
  2. Submit a Reserve Request Form by email or in person at the Library Service Desk, or
  3. Contact your library liaison to request a purchase for course reserves

Staff will retrieve all library-owned materials and place them on reserve. Please note that Watzek is unable to place Summit, ILL, photocopied, or duplicated material on course reserve.

Articles & Course Packs


To assure compliance with copyright law, the College urges faculty to use XanEdu when the distribution of readings requires permission from rights holders. XanEdu allows faculty to assemble sets of course materials, obtain copyright permissions from publishers, and create electronic or printed course packs for students to purchase through the College bookstore. More...

Alternatives to XanEdu

Costs for permissions can be significant. Faculty may want to consider these alternate delivery options for book chapters, articles and other excerpts of copyrighted materials.  

  • Linking to Library Resources
    Providing links to e-books and databases like JSTOR or EBSCOHost will connect students directly to readings without the need for additional copyright permissions. For instructions on how to link to library resources, see this video or simply send your reading list to We will be happy to provide you with stable links you can add to your Moodle course site.  
  • Using Resources that are in the public domain or openly licensed
    Works in the public domain are not protected by copyright and may be reproduced without permission. These include many U.S. government publications and works with expired copyrights. Creative Commons allows copyright holders to encourage reuse of their works with generous license terms. Creative Commons licensed works can be found using a wide variety of websites and search engines such as OER Commons.
  • Using Selections That Fall Under Fair Use
    Faculty should be cautious about uploading copyrighted material to Moodle or a course web site. A fair use analysis must be performed for each copyrighted reading posted. This analysis should be done at least six weeks before classes begin so there will be time to obtain copyright permissions through XanEdu when a reading falls outside the boundaries of fair use. Faculty may be able to produce printed course packs through the L&C Copy Center if fair use applies or permissions have already been obtained for each reading. Please see their site for details on their policy.
  • Traditional Course Reserves
    ​You can place physical items such as books, DVDs, and CDs on course reserve. Reserves circulate for limited periods to ensure that they will be available to as many students as possible. Faculty may use materials owned by Watzek or submit personal copies.


Audio Reserves

Electronic audio reserves can be created for all music courses. Only compact discs owned by Watzek Library and commercially available albums owned by instructors are eligible. Duplicated or “mix” CDs will not be converted for electronic reserve.

To place audio materials on reserve:

  1. Complete a Reserve Request Form (also available at the Library Service Desk).
  2. Please indicate the track numbers in the Title field on the Reserve Request form. In absence of such a note, we will place all tracks from an album on reserve.
  3. Submit the form, along with the associated albums, to the Library Service Desk.

Please allow one week for the materials to be posted.

Watzek Library's audio electronic reserves project utilizes the Music Library Association's copyright guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Library doesn't own a book my class is reading. Can I put a personal copy on reserve?

Sure! Instructor-owned books, videos, and other materials can be added to reserves. Personal items will circulate to students throughout the semester and may be damaged; we recommend that valuable items not be placed on reserve.

How do I get my personal copy back at the end of the semester?

After the end of the semester, library staff will remove the item from reserve and return it to the listed professor via campus mail. Of course, you are welcome to stop by the Library Service Desk and ask staff to remove the item from reserve at any time.

Will the library purchase a book or movie for course reserves?

In most cases, yes. Please contact your library liaison for assistance.

Can I put a Summit or ILL book on reserve?

We only place items owned by Lewis & Clark and instructors' personal copies on reserve. Please contact your library liaison to request a purchase.

When will my submission be processed?

We take pride in processing reserve requests as quickly as possible. In general, you can expect to see items posted within 24 hours. Please allow extra time at the beginning of the semester when workloads are heaviest. Items that are checked out will be recalled and placed on reserve as soon as they are returned.


Please contact us at for assistance with:

  • placing materials on course reserve
  • linking to library-licensed resources
  • copyright questions and fair use analysis
  • scanning print materials (Watzek staff will scan using optical character recognition so that your documents are accessible and searchable.)

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