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Borrowing Info: Fines

Fines and Replacement Charges

Overdue fines are assessed to encourage prompt return of library materials that are in high demand or that belong to our partner libraries. Fines apply all days and all hours the library is open and accrue until late items are returned or renewed. With the exception of course reserves, overdue fines are not charged for books, CDs, or DVDs that are owned by Lewis & Clark.

  Overdue Fines Replacement Fee

Lewis & Clark Books


$45 + $15 processing fee

Lewis & Clark CDs, DVDs N/A $25 + $15 processing fee
Course Reserves


$45 + $15 processing fee


$75 + $15 processing fee

Interlibrary Loan


$75 + $15 processing fee



$25-$1,100 depending on item


Course reserves and equipment loans will be considered lost if not returned within one week of the due date. All other items will be considered lost if not returned within four weeks of the due date, and a standard replacement charge and processing fee will be assessed. In most cases, this replacement charge can be refunded if the item is returned promptly. The borrower will still be responsible for any applicable overdue fines. 

Watzek Library assesses charges for material returned in damaged condition. Damage includes marks caused by pen, pencil, highlighter, paperclips, folding, tearing, cutting, food, liquids, or by exposure to heat, dampness, dirt, insects, or pets. A replacement fee will be charged if the damage is pervasive, affects the structural integrity of the item, or significantly detracts from the appearance of the item. Damage that requires repair or that causes distraction for other readers may incur a fine. 

Appeal Fines

Fines and other charges will be waived if the Library is found to have incorrectly assessed such charges or if the borrower can demonstrate extraordinary circumstances. To appeal library charges, submit an appeal form. If you prefer, you can visit the library service desk to complete a form in person. Appeals based on the following will not be considered:

  • No knowledge of date due
  • Non-receipt of overdue, reminder, or billing notices
  • Disagreement with library fine and fee structure
  • Inability to pay fines and charges
  • Material loaned to a third party
  • Class schedules, exam schedules, or extracurricular commitments

Pay Fines

When paying online, you will need to enter the payment amount. To check your current balance, log into your library account. Payment by cash or check is accepted at the Watzek Library Service Desk. 

If you have received a billing notice from Student and Departmental Accounts, please pay your balance on WebAdvisor for fastest resolution.

Pay Fines Online

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