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Open Educational Resources: Adapt / Create OER

Modifying OER

Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know
This brief guide will help you assess the effort, expertise, and technical tools you will need to modify an open textbook. In addition, the guide includes step-by-step instructions for editing common open textbook file and platform types.

OER Commons: Remix a Resource
Instructions for adapting content originally created in the OER Commons repository.

Creating and Publishing OER

MERLOT: Add Material
Instructions for uploading existing material to the MERLOT repository and Content Builder, a free web page development tool integrated into the MERLOT platform. Templates include portfolio structures, lesson plans, online courses, etc.

OER Commons: Submit Materials
Upload existing work to OER Commons.

OER Commons Author
Create OER to share on the OER Commons platform. Works can be exported in a variety of formats or printed.

Open Textbook Toolkit (University of Toronto)

A document designed to support faculty who would like to create their first open textbook. Includes information about planning, authoring tools, copyright, accessibility, and hosting.

Based on WordPress software, this free publishing platform creates professional-looking ebooks and print books. 


Scalar enables users to assemble media from multiple sources and juxtapose them with their own writing in a variety of ways, with minimal technical expertise required.

Creative Commons Licenses

Most open resources are either in the public domain or carry a Creative Commons open license. The particular license determines the terms by which you can make and distribute adaptations of the original work. 

About Creative Commons Licenses
Learn about the six different types of CC licenses.

Creative Commons Attribution Best Practices
How to attribute Creative Commons licensed work in a variety of media. 

Marking Your Work with a CC License
Learn how to select a license for your original or adapted work.