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Theatre & Dance : Start Here

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Using this Guide

Welcome to the Theatre & Dance Research Guide! If you have any questions, please ask Erica.


Primo, the library catalog, is one of the best tools you can use to search for books, articles, and media. Sometimes, however, the in-person serendipity of browsing through the print collection is what's called for. Use the outline below as a first step toward discovering things you didn't know you didn't know about.
Costume and fashion: GT 500–2370
Dancing: GV 1580-1799.4
Production and direction: PN 2053
Acting: PN 2061–2071
Monologues: PN 2080
Stage management, light, scenery: PN 2085–2091
Fashion. Costume design: TT 490–695
What about plays? Browsing for dramatic literature is harder, since it is interfiled with other literary forms and criticism. American plays are to be found between PS 700 and 3626, with writing after 2001 located between PS 3600 and 3626. British plays may be found between PR 1803 and 6126. Shakespeare, for reference, is located between PR 2750 and PR 3112; more recent works have larger call numbers. Twenty-first century writing begins at PR 6100.

Librarian for Theatre & Dance