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Watzek Library Response to Coronavirus: Research Support

Options for Remote Research Support

Schedule a consultation with a librarian for help with research papers and projects, or choose a subject specialist librarian. To find the librarian who worked with a section of E&D, please locate the guide for your section. Once your request has been received, we'll be in touch with specifics on how to connect over Google Meet.

Students working on thesis/capstone or E&D research are especially encouraged to make appointments for remote consultations.


Chat with a librarian by clicking the "chat" button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. If the button doesn't appear, no one is currently available to chat.



E-mail a librarian at

Off-Campus Research Strategies

  • Use your public library. Beyond print books, many provide access to ebooks, streaming media, and databases (probably a bit different than Watzek's collection of databases, potentially useful for research). Even if your library is physically closed, electronic resources are likely still available. A number of large public libraries extend some services beyond their immediate geographic area to include residents of the state (Multnomah County Library, Los Angeles Public Library, San Francisco Public Library, Denver Public Library, Hawaii State Public Library System, New York Public Library).
  • Multnomah County Library has recently introduced fully online applications for temporary library cards that allow access to its electronic resources. Similar programs are in place at a number of other large public library systems, including the Los Angeles Public Library, San Francisco Public Library, Denver Public Library, New York Public Library, and Chicago Public Library. Residency requirements may be stricter for these types of cards.
  • It may sometimes be effective to contact an individual author to request that a version of the article be shared with you.
  • Ask a librarian to help you figure out what will work in your particular situation. Options for contacting Watzek staff are listed above.

General Resources

Use Primo to find a broad array of electronically available resources. Use the search box below to find only electronic results:

Google Scholar can also be a powerful tool for finding academic literature. If using Google Scholar from an off-campus location, be sure to configure your settings to show library access links for Lewis & Clark College.

Specialized Resources

Find resources more narrowly tailored to a subject or specific course through the following links, especially on the Databases tab of most guides:

A complete list of Watzek's databases may be found through the link below.

Interlibrary Loan Requests

Articles and book chapters may be requested and provided as PDFs.

The following video shows the process of requesting an article through interlibrary loan.

Finding Articles Part 2

Request Ebook Purchase