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Watzek Library Response to COVID-19: Building Use and Access

Building Access

Watzek Library will be open normal semester hours beginning on Tuesday, January 19 (open 9am Sunday-10pm Friday; 11am-7pm Saturdays). 

Only current students, faculty and staff are permitted in the building.

Our building occupancy limit is 300. When the building reaches this capacity, patrons will not be permitted to enter the building until others leave.


Health and Safety

Face coverings are required in the building.

Consuming food is not permitted in the building; drinking covered beverages is permitted.

Please maintain social distance of at least six feet with others. Computers and workstations are set up so visitors can maintain a social distance  of six feet.

The high-touch surfaces of the library will be disinfected nightly.

Sanitation stations will be throughout the library stocked with hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and paper towels.

  • Visitors are expected to clean their work station when finished.

  • Hand sanitizer is to be used before touching the printers and copiers

Remote Learning in Watzek

Please use your own pair of headphones when participating in remote classes (using Zoom or other applications). We will have a limited number of disposable earbuds to give out at the service desk.

If attending online classes that require you to participate by talking, please locate yourself in an area of the library where conversation is permitted (study rooms and non-quiet study areas). The south wing of the library on the second and third floors is designated as quiet study areas (see map).

A limited number of study rooms are available to reserve up to two weeks in advance. Room occupancy is limited to one person.

Please consider these additional campus spaces as places to attend online classes (see map):

  • Albany Quadrangle hallways near Advising Center and Student Support Services

  • Albany Quadrangle Courtyard

  • Fir Acres Amphitheatre between Evans Music Center and Fir Acres Theatre

  • Munger Courtyard, Templeton Campus Center

  • Stamm Dining Room, Templeton Campus Center

  • Trail Room, Templeton Campus Center

  • Council Chamber and Stamm foyers, Templeton Campus Center