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Watzek Library Response to COVID-19: Faculty Support


The information below primarily covers course reserves, including the conversion of video to streaming formats. Faculty may also want to consult the Borrow page.

For general course support, we encourage you to contact your subject librarian.

Request the purchase of ebooks and other materials here.

Course Reserves: Information for Faculty

Course reserves are short-term library loans that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They are offered in order to make textbooks more widely accessible, especially to students with limited financial resources. Course reserves may include e-books, streaming media, and physical items such as books and DVDs. Because copyright law limits what the library is able to reproduce, we cannot provide scanned copies to students who are completing their course work remotely. We urge you to consider library e-books or low-cost materials so that more students have the option to buy or rent their textbooks. Your library liaison can help you identify library e-books and open access resources for your course.

Electronic Course Reserves

  • To place a library e-book on reserve, use the "Add to Course Reserves" button in Primo. (video tutorial)
  • To request purchase of an e-book for reserves, contact your library liaison
  • To share electronic versions of articles and book chapters with your students, see our information about articles and course packs.

Print Course Reserves

We will continue to offer print course reserves for checkout at the library. 

To reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, students must use print course reserves in the library while wearing a mask. During the fall semester, the loan period for all reserves will be three hours. Longer loan periods have been eliminated to ensure compliance with this safety requirement. Upon request, faculty and their pre-authorized proxies will be permitted to borrow these items for longer periods and to take them outside the building. 

  • To place a library book on reserve, use the "Add to Course Reserves" button in Primo. (video tutorial)
  • To place a personal copy on reserve, please bring it to the Watzek Library service desk along with a completed reserve request form. Forms are also available at the service desk. 
  • To request purchase of a book for reserves, contact your library liaison

Streaming Video

When adding a DVD or VHS tape to course reserves, faculty have the option to request conversion to streaming format. The library will purchase a licensed streaming version or convert the DVD/VHS to a streaming file format. Please place your request at least two weeks in advance.

  • To request conversion of a library DVD or VHS tape, use the "Add to Course Reserves / Convert to Streaming" button in Primo.
  • To request purchase of a video that the library does not already own, contact your library liaison

Add a Library Item to Course Reserves

Fair Use and COVID-19

Streaming Policy Changes During College Response to COVID-19

As part of Lewis & Clark College‘s effort to support online instruction and prevent the spread of COVID-19, Watzek Library is fulfilling streaming conversion requests that exceed what might be reasonable under normal circumstances. As explained in the Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research, fair use can permit more extensive streaming as part of a legitimate response to a public health emergency such as this one. 

Note, however, that we must still ensure that our streaming conversion is reasonable in relation to these extraordinary circumstances. Please limit your request to videos that are needed for full participation in your course. Access to these files will be terminated at the end of the semester.

The library cannot provide scanned copies of books at this time. Please contact your library liaison to inquire about the availability of e-books.