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Every section of Words and Numbers has a corresponding librarian, listed below. The librarian for your section is an excellent person to contact with any questions about research or using the library. When you eventually declare a major, you will likely to get to know the librarian who is the specialist for that subject.

Librarians for Words, fall 2023

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Barron Poetry as Philosophy Jim Bunnelle
Bernstein Death and the Afterlife

E.J. Carter
Carathers The Politics of Love Elaine Hirsch
Fritzman Critiquing Critical Race Theory

Jim Bunnelle

Glosser A Mind of One's Own Erica Jensen
Hoffman Who am I (without Language)? Language and Identity Elaine Hirsch
Kugler Climate Change and the Liberal Arts E.J. Carter
Lichtenstein Power and Resistance Jim Bunnelle
Lochner Conceptions of Justice: God, the State, and Outcasts E.J. Carter
Meera Who Can Tell Which Stories?

Erica Jensen
Mirabile Paradoxes of Reading Erica Jensen
Morrill Death and the Afterlife E.J. Carter
Powers So You Think You're Secular? E.J. Carter
Pritchard Fictions of Identity Erica Jensen
Westervelt Reality and Identity Erica Jensen



Librarians for Numbers, fall 2023

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Bentley Over the Rainbow: Facets of Color Parvaneh Abbaspour
Binford Dealing with Data in the Wild Jeremy McWilliams
Bylander American Inequality Mark Dahl
Chen Order, Chaos, & Randomness Jeremy McWilliams
Davis Think Like an Ant: An Introduction to Complex Systems Jeremy McWilliams
de Paula Fire: Energy and Civilization Parvaneh Abbaspour
Fitzpatrick Procedural Ethics and Moral Machines

Mark Dahl


Probability, Quantification, and Ideology: Numbers in Their Human Context(s)

Mark Dahl
Scroggs Politicians Lie, Numbers Can Mislead: The Politics of Numbers Jeremy McWilliams
Tufte What do numbers sound like? Parvaneh Abbaspour