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Every section of Words and Numbers has a corresponding librarian, listed below. The librarian for your section is an excellent person to contact with any questions about research or using the library. When you eventually declare a major, you will likely to get to know the librarian who is the specialist for that subject.

Librarians for Words, spring 2024

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Barron Poetry as Philosophy Jim Bunnelle
Beck Singing in the Garden Elaine Hirsch
Cole The Greatest American Novels

Erica Jensen

de Marte "Who Tells Your Story?" Parvaneh Abbaspour
Fujie The Stories that Bind Us Erica Jensen
Gross Magic, Miracle and Wonder in the Pre-Modern World Erica Jensen
Healy Exile and Belonging E.J. Carter
Hillyer Understanding Mass Incarceration in the U.S. E.J. Carter
Hubbert Rights, Revolvers, and Reforms: Guns and Gun Culture in America Elaine Hirsch
Mandel The Art of War

E.J. Carter
Mirabile Suspense/Horror/Paranoia Erica Jensen
Powers So You Think You're Secular? E.J. Carter
Pritchard Satire Elaine Hirsch



Librarians for Numbers, spring 2024

Professor Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Allen Space, Time, Spacetime Jeremy McWilliams
Bae What do numbers sound like? Parvaneh Abbaspour
Davis Think Like an Ant: An Introduction to Complex Systems Jeremy McWilliams
Fitzpatrick Procedural Ethics and Moral Machines

Mark Dahl

Gaskins Political Math Jeremy McWilliams
Parks Networks and Trees Parvaneh Abbaspour

Probability, Quantification, and Ideology: Numbers in Their Human Context(s)

Mark Dahl
Tufte What do numbers sound like? Parvaneh Abbaspour
Watson Sidewalk Neurosicence: Data in Your Daily Life Jeremy McWilliams