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Locate course guides for individual sections of LC's first-year seminars, below.

Watzek Library has a personal librarian program that corresponds to first-year seminar assignments, listed below. Your personal librarian is an excellent person to contact with any questions about research or using the library. When you eventually declare a major, you will likely to get to know the librarian who is the specialist for that subject.

Personal Librarians for Words Sections

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Bernstein Death and the Afterlife E.J. Carter
Cole The Greatest American Novels: 2010-2019

Erica Jensen
David Memory as Representation Erica Jensen
Dede This American Language Jim Bunnelle
Fujie The Space Between: Writing Across Difference in American Literature

Erica Jensen
Gilbert Protest, Politics, & Putin E.J. Carter
Healy "The War to End All Wars" Elaine Hirsch
Mandel The Art of War E.J. Carter
Mirabile Suspense/Horror/Paranoia

Elaine Hirsch
Morrill Death and the Afterlife E.J. Carter
Pritchard Fictions of Identity

Erica Jensen
Sweek Curiosity and the Vindictive Divine Jim Bunnelle


Personal Librarians for Numbers Sections

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Allen Space, Time, Spacetime Jeremy McWilliams
Drake Measuring Up Jeremy McWilliams
Galaty Space, Time, Spacetime Parvaneh Abbaspour
Jones Food for Thought Parvaneh Abbaspour
Martinez How to Build a Moral Machine Mark Dahl
Scroggs Politicans Lie, Numbers Can Mislead Mark Dahl
Seljan Election Science Mark Dahl
Stanhope Measuring Up Jeremy McWilliams
Tufte What do numbers sound like? Parvaneh Abbaspour