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Find a guide to the resources most pertinent to your section of Words or Numbers below:

Every section of Words and Numbers has a corresponding librarian, listed below. The librarian for your section is an excellent person to contact with any questions about research or using the library. When you eventually declare a major, you will likely to get to know the librarian who is the specialist for that subject.

Librarians for Words, fall 2022

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Campion Orwell: The Conscience of the 20th Century

Erica Jensen
Chirindo Communication and the Environment Jim Bunnelle
Cole The Greatest American Novels: 2012–2021

Erica Jensen
Dede This American Language

Elaine Hirsch

Fritzman Undead Texts Jim Bunnelle
Healy Exile and Belonging Elaine Hirsch
Hoffman Who am I (without Language)? Language and Identity Elaine Hirsch
Lichtenstein Ideology, Illusion, and Critical Theory Jim Bunnelle
Lochner Conceptions of Justice: God, the State, and Outcasts

E.J. Carter
Mirabile Paradoxes of Reading Elaine Hirsch
Podobnik The Pursuit of Happiness Elaine Hirsch
Pritchard Fictions of Identity Erica Jensen
Sweek Curiosity, Knowledge, and the Vindictive Divine E.J. Carter
Tamimi Gender and Performance Erica Jensen
Young Abolish the Police? Jim Bunnelle



Librarians for Numbers, fall 2022

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Balko Get the Lead Out: Chemistry, Public Health, and Environmental Justice Parvaneh Abbaspour
Binford Dealing with Data in the Wild Parvaneh Abbaspour
Chen Order, Chaos & Randomness Jeremy McWilliams
DePaula Fire: Energy and Civilization Parvaneh Abbaspour
Drake Python for the People

Jeremy McWilliams


Gantt Bad Data, Misinformation, and Bullshit Mark Dahl
Gaskins Political Math E.J. Carter
Hanks Bad Data, Misinformation, and Bullshit Mark Dahl
Parks Networks and Trees Parvaneh Abbaspour
Patrick Collecting Sound Data, Making Strong Inferences Mark Dahl
Suryanarayan Hidden Vistas of Mathematics Jeremy McWilliams