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Every section of Words and Numbers has a corresponding librarian, listed below. The librarian for your section is an excellent person to contact with any questions about research or using the library. When you eventually declare a major, you will likely to get to know the librarian who is the specialist for that subject.

Librarians for Words, spring 2023

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Altpeter-Jones Beyond Humans Jim Bunnelle
Barritt Alternative Realities: Making the Best of Dystopian and Apocalyptic Worlds

Mark Dahl
Cameron-Dominguez Elements of Belief: Magic, Faith and Reason Mark Dahl
Carathers The Politics of Love Elaine Hirsch
Dede This American Language

Jim Bunnelle

Fujie The Stories that Bind Us Erica Jensen
Gomaa One but Many: Language, Heritage, and Identity in the US Elaine Hirsch
Gross Magic, Miracle and Wonder in the Pre-Modern World Erica Jensen
Hoffman Who am I (without Language)? Language and Identity Elaine Hirsch
Holzwarth The Rise and Fall of Sapiens Elaine Hirsch
Lichtenstein Ideology, Illusion, and Critical Theory Jim Bunnelle
Mandel The Art of War

E.J. Carter
Mirabile Suspense / Horror / Paranoia Erica Jensen
Pritchard Satire Erica Jensen
Smith The Romantic Generation: European Art Music of the 19th Century Erica Jensen
Starling Japanese Religion E.J. Carter
Tomlinson Place-Based Thinking: The Microcosm To The Macrocosm Erica Jensen



Librarians for Numbers, spring 2023

Faculty Name of class Librarian Librarian email
Allen Space, Time, Spacetime Jeremy McWilliams
Bae What Do Numbers Sound Like? Parvaneh Abbaspour
Balko Get the Lead Out: Chemistry, Public Health, and Environmental Justice Parvaneh Abbaspour
Davis Think Like an Ant: An Introduction to Complex Systems Parvaneh Abbaspour
de Paula Fire: Energy and Civilization Parvaneh Abbaspour
Parks Networks and Trees

Jeremy McWilliams


Patrick Collecting Sound Data, Making Strong Inferences Mark Dahl
Suryanarayan Hidden Vistas of Mathematics Jeremy McWilliams
Sweek The Ancient City E.J. Carter
Tufte What do numbers sound like? Parvaneh Abbaspour