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R Studio Basics for Data Visualization: Resources and Feedback

For the R Studio Data Visualizaton Workshops, November 2018

Resources for help

Because R is a free software environment, there are many fantastic, free resources to help you learn more! If you are ever trying to do something in RStudio, try giving it a Google search. You'll likely find many sites with helpful tips to share!


Here are some online resources to get you started:

RStudio ggplot Cheat Sheet: a very full sheet of ggplot functions and aesthetics. Also shows which visualizations make sense with discrete or continuous variable combinations.

Stack Overflow: a place where people ask and answer questions about many things, including ggplot2.

R for Data Science: a whole ebook for in-depth explanations of ggplot functions and data wrangling in R.

Feedback Survey

Please answer our brief, 3 question survey about this workshop!

RStudio Data Visualization Survey

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