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Best Books, Class of '23: General Recommendations

The Best Books, According to the Class of '23

What makes these books the "best" varies a great deal from one recommender to the next. One 2023 graduate wrote that "these books all capture parts of life that are beautiful, painful, and unfinished," and that their characters "have helped me to understand parts of myself that are difficult or experience I feel has been an essential part of growing up over the past few years." Another reflected that the two books were foundational to their experience in their major, "an integral part" to their current thinking about that field. And some books were chosen for the sheer pleasure they afforded.

The class of '23 also had a chance to name books for students in their own majors. Those are listed separately under the Recommendations by Major tab.

Books that are not available immediately at Watzek Library may be requested from other libraries. Please ask library staff if you are uncertain of how to request an item.

General Fiction

General Fiction, Continued

Science Fiction