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Admin Policies: Food & Drink Policy

Food & Drink

Drinks must be in covered containers.

Food is permitted in the library atrium. 

  • Please be considerate of those around you and be aware of noises or smells that may disturb other library users. 

  • Trash and recyclables should be placed in appropriate containers. 

  • Foods that are messy or pose a potential risk to library collections or furnishings should be enjoyed in the first-floor lounge.

  • Food deliveries are not allowed. 

  • Please report spills to library staff. 

Food is not permitted in other areas of the library. This is to a) keep the library’s furniture, floor surfaces, and general environment clean and orderly so that all patrons can enjoy the library free of aromas, crumbs, spills, and stains; b) respect the time and priorities of campus housekeeping staff; and c) prevent degradation of the library’s collections from hazards created by food such as pests, spills, etc. Exceptions to this policy include library-sponsored or approved events and staff areas. Staff will enforce the policy as needed to protect library spaces and collections.