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Additional Services: Lockers

Locker Rental Policies and Procedures

A limited number of lockers are available on the first floor of Watzek Library. These lockers are for use by Lewis & Clark students and are available on a semester basis.

Application Procedure for Locker Rental

Applications for locker rentals are available at the library service desk. Applications will be screened and approved on a priority basis that is outlined in the rental policy below. The renter must complete, sign, and submit a contract at the time of rental. A non-refundable rental fee of $5.00 each semester, payable by check, cash, or credit card is due at the time the rental contract is approved. A locker and combination lock will be assigned to the renter.

Rental Policy

Lockers are available for rental by contract to current students of Lewis & Clark College. Lockers will be distributed on a priority basis as follows:

  1. Students with a mobility disability may request a free locker by contacting the Office of Student Accessibility
  2. Seniors doing theses who live off campus
  3. Seniors doing theses who live on campus
  4. Graduate students doing major research
  5. Other students doing research

Priority will be given to applications submitted by the second week the semester. Lockers that are still available after the second week of classes will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Combination locks supplied by Watzek Library personnel are the only acceptable locks for use. Food or drink should not be stored in the lockers. Signage, stickers, or other materials are not allowed on the lockers. The combination lock must be locked and remain on the locker at the end of the contract period. If a locker is not vacated at the end of the contracted date, the locker will be opened and contents removed by library personnel. Any locker that is not used in compliance with library policy and procedures will void this contract and the locker will be opened and the contents removed. Library materials will be returned to the library; non-library materials will be placed in the Lost & Found at the service desk. The college assumes no responsibility for the contents of these lockers.