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Economics: Data Exercise

Data Exercise


Each group is assigned a dataset.  

Group 1: Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Group 2: World Bank Open Data

Group 3: National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth

Group 4: Consumer Expenditure Survey

Group 5: National Center for Education Statistics--Baccalaureate and Beyond  

Group 6: National Household Transportation Survey

Group 7: IPUMS--Current Population Survey


Please answer the following questions as a group:

1. Describe the dataset. What units of analysis are represented? What about geographic parameters? Is it longitudinal or time series data? In what formats can it be downloaded? Is some kind of online data analysis tool available?

2. Find the codebook (or list of variables). What are some of the key variables included in this dataset?

3. What are some research projects or questions you can imagine using this dataset to answer?