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Visual Resources: Services

For Students

Please contact Erica (at right) for assistance with any of the following, or other related needs:

  • Conducting visual research. This might be anywhere from the more straightforward "I need to find an image of a person feeling a murderous rage" or "I need to find a particular drawing by Matisse," to the relatively complex "I need to know what anti-war demonstrators in the 1940s would have looked like," or "I need to find posters from the Soviet campaign against drinking."
  • Using Artstor and other Watzek image databases. Guidance on searching for images, organizing images, etc.
  • Discussing incorporating images in academic work. When can you use an image? When should you? (And why?) And what do you need to do to credit your sources responsibly?

For Faculty

Please contact Erica (at right) to discuss any of the following, or other related needs:

  • Using Artstor and other Watzek image databases. Personalized guidance on searching for images, organizing images, using Personal Collections in Artstor, etc.
  • Bringing visual materials into a course. The VRC will help you access images for teaching in image databases and open digital collections or by scanning printed material. There is a limited budget for purchasing digital images; where purchasing is the only option for acquiring an image needed for a course, that may be a possibility.
  • Customized workshops for courses in finding and working with visual materials. If you would like your students to gain experience with a resource such as Artstor, a workshop can be customized to their assignment.
  • Other support related to the use and organization of images. Do you have a box of slides sitting around that contains images that you would love to use in your teaching? Or a collection of digital images in need of order? Let's talk.
  • Finding images for publication. Primarily limited to consultation on finding public domain or open content. During busy times of the academic year, classroom needs, particularly time-sensitive ones, will take priority over this service.

Arts & Visual Resources Librarian

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Erica Jensen
Watzek 239 (in office Thursdays, fall 2020)