The Parrot and The Pomegranate


Davis, Kelsey



Work Type



Oil, Cold Wax, and Gold Leaf



Artist Statement

I have always been very drawn to still life compositions and the relationship between pictorial techniques and more abstract treatment of paint. More specifically, I am interested in the perceived differences between the two. Stagnant objects are transformed by the movement of paint across canvas; independent, arbitrary things are brought together to create an aesthetic story within the frame. My work attempts to question the lines between the abstract and the representative and how one can use expressive qualities to understand and manipulate that divide. In The Emotive Motions of a Still I have used traditional still life tropes, objects found in still life paintings through generations of work, in order to explore the abstraction of paint by putting the images into a non-traditional context. I have cropped the idea of the still composition and enlarged it, creating a new world in which one may explore the object and reimagine the ways in which it is typically rendered.

Annual Collection

Work Type


Davis, Kelsey, “The Parrot and The Pomegranate ,” Lewis & Clark Senior Art, accessed December 7, 2016, https://library.lclark.edu/seniorprojects/items/show/4428.
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