At the Lodge


Devaney, Hilary

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oil on canvas


56x44 in.

Artist Statement

Reflecting on the words that call certain images to my mind I noticed that most of my associations are not literal translations of the word or phrase to a symbolic image, rather, they are impressions of memories I have of my first time experiencing those words. Realizing that the image that comes to mind at the mention of a certain phrase is derived from my personal experience with that phrase, I asked myself why it is I still carry these images with me, instead of replacing them with new images that more accurately reflect my current experience with that phrase. I set out to answer what it means for seemingly incongruous images to be interchangeable with specific words by creating four diptychs, each containing a pictorial image alongside its textual counterpart. In juxtaposing paintings of images and text (which are static in the confinement of their medium) side by side, I don’t simulate the immediacy of the words and images colliding as it happens in my memory, but rather I freeze them in place before the collision and force them to interact on a wall for an unnaturally long period of time, drawing out the strange senselessness in these word/image associations.

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Devaney, Hilary, “At the Lodge,” Lewis & Clark Senior Art, accessed December 9, 2016, https://library.lclark.edu/seniorprojects/items/show/4424.
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