Us With Everything


Chrenka, Tony

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Us With Everything


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Lenovo LCD Monitor, 30 Minute Video, Computer Speakers, Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Steel, Plexi, Cast Polyurethane Resin, Digital Photo Keychain, Armband, Webcam, 5.4 oz Inkjet Printed Satin, 3d Printed Allumide and Black Stainless Steel, Tote Bag, Custom Waterbottle, USB Diffuser, Tea & Herbal Remedies (rotating), Magnets


60 x 72 x 34 in.

Artist Statement

I am interested in what gives us faith or assures us in our degree of health and quality of life. I think the easiest way to do this is to put a number on our health, a simple value to compare our health from other people’s health. We invest in our health just like anything else, so we should be able to estimate the minimum value of our quality of life by calculating our investment. I believe that there are certain things that can be considered an investment in our health. These are labor, such as exercising, organizing, and cleaning. Also there are capitol investments, like pharmaceuticals, apparel, and furniture, these all add to an assumed quality of life. I like to explore this type of investment strategy in my artwork by constructing narratives and displays or sets. Although I use shelving, tables and other signifiers of domestic life, they act sculpturally, and not only as furniture. These types of signifiers are to create a larger domestic narrative that assumes that there is a human. The sculptures describe the investment made by this fictitious human into their own quality of life, and the way that they allocated their labor and capitol.

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Chrenka, Tony, “Us With Everything,” Lewis & Clark Senior Art, accessed December 8, 2016, https://library.lclark.edu/seniorprojects/items/show/4382.
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