Condon, Julia

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The Story of Drunk People’s Falls





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High fire porcelain, iron oxide stain, soda kiln, mixed media.



Artist Statement

The Story of Drunk People’s Falls

Once upon a time there was a bar that had a section of wall made of glass bricks
by the front door. One evening a group of drunk people came into the bar. They
were very rude to the owners and the other customers. Everyone was annoyed,
and they were relieved when the drunk people finally left, but they kept coming
back again and again. The last time they came the owners gave them all free drinks
that had a magic potion in them that paralyzed the drunk people. Everyone helped
drag them into a back room which was a giant freezer, and posed them around like
mannequins. They left the paralyzed drunk people in there until they were frozen
solid, then moved them into a magical freezer which turned the frozen drunk people
into clear ice statues. Finally, the owners moved the ice statues into a hot room and
the statues melted and drained into a grate in the floor and through a pipe. The pipe
split into a bunch of little tubes, which ended at the top of the glass section of wall
like a waterfall.

And that is why there is only sometimes water in the fountain.

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Condon, Julia, “8,” Lewis & Clark Senior Art, accessed December 6, 2016, https://library.lclark.edu/seniorprojects/items/show/4069.
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