Admission, Fracture, Gather


Willson, Sula

Studio Specialty


Series Title

Lateral view, left to right





Work Type



graphite, charcoal, white pastel and acrylic paint on paper


68 x 32 in. each

Artist Statement

I have always found artist’s sketches more interesting than their final work. An honesty is captured in that initial, undeveloped, and in it’s own right- exact- line before consciousness, or apprehension, or ego have time to raise an opinion. An unguarded perception of a movement, of light, of an idea. Of an expression momentarily flickering through a face, or slipping through the shift of fingers in a hand.
My work is rooted in an unmoving desire to capture the humility and vulnerability of all human beings. In an effort to honestly represent the overwhelming sameness of humanity in all of its form, this project eventually- but not unexpectedly- devolved into a self-examination more than anything else. Threaded with ideas surrounding my relationship with my sister, it is concerned with conceptions of solitude and receptivity and liberation. Through line and movement and light this work addresses the quiet grandeur of the human spirit and all of the strange and captivating ways we choose to present ourselves.

Annual Collection

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Willson, Sula, “Admission, Fracture, Gather,” Lewis & Clark Senior Art, accessed December 6, 2016, https://library.lclark.edu/seniorprojects/items/show/3820.
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