Vista Bridge


Van Orsow, Michelle

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R & F Pigment Sticks and Sennelier oil pastels on Coventry Rag.


50 x 38 inches

Artist Statement

The appeal of bridges for me, is captured in the book Historic Highway Bridges of Oregon, “Among highway travelers’ most vivid memories are those formed by bridges. These structures (from the prosaic to breathtaking engineering feats) create a sense of passage, open wide vistas, and frame intimates views. The appearance of an old bridge can suggest a sense of time and place and a different lifestyle. Bridges act as symbols of specific cities and locales, as monumental landmarks, and as simple, understated, and elegant testimonials to good design and sound engineering. Historic bridges are important components of our cultural heritage. As legacies, they are as important as the pioneer cabins, the Victorian courthouse, and the string of “commercial palace” buildings on Main Street.”
Bridges are both massive and incredible structures; no matter how large or small, the bridge makes an interesting connection, everything from keeping your feet dry crossing a creek or connecting an entire community.
My love of bridges may have started with my growing up near the high bridge in Central Oregon or with my elementary school’s curriculum requiring me to know the names of all of the Portland bridges. Living in Portland has only grown my love for these elements in the landscape.

Smith, D. A., Norman, J. B., & Dykman, P. T. (1989). Historic Highway Bridges of Oregon. Portland, Or.: Oregon Historical Society Press.

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Van Orsow, Michelle, “Vista Bridge,” Lewis & Clark Senior Art, accessed December 4, 2016, https://library.lclark.edu/seniorprojects/items/show/3784.
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