Trabajando Duro en el Campo Recogiendo la Fresa (Working Hard in the Fields Picking Strawberries)


Ramirez Islas, Claudia


Detail View



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Oil on plywood with old gloves, fake strawberries and leaves


4 x 5 ft.



Artist Statement

Immigration: A Vision of Hope consists of a series of paintings focusing on one of our nation's most controversial topics- immigration; I specifically focus on current events and personal experiences surrounding this issue. I paint from the immigrant's perspective to convey a message of humanity that will commemorate and give a voice to the many immigrants who are silenced by society; who have been misunderstood, judged, abused and who do not receive the same equal rights that everyone else has because of their color, race and legal status here in the States.
The installation is composed of several pieces that tell a unique story about deportation, working class immigrants, the hardships of crossing the U.S boarders, the Dream Act, human rallies, new immigration laws, etc. Collectively all the pieces come together to create one large piece that transmits one message.
The surface of each piece was carefully selected, ranging from sheet metal to plywood. These different surfaces and found objects are used to mirror the message and story being told to the viewer. I paint not for the sake of painting, but for the sake of conveying an emotion, capturing a moment in time and latching on to a memory without the use of words or language but rather through the use of image, color, line and texture.
The goal of Immigration: A Vision of Hope is to shed new light on this controversial and heated topic and create an opportunity for the viewer to step into the shoes of immigrants and see the world through our eyes.

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Ramirez Islas, Claudia, “Trabajando Duro en el Campo Recogiendo la Fresa (Working Hard in the Fields Picking Strawberries) ,” Lewis & Clark Senior Art, accessed December 10, 2016, https://library.lclark.edu/seniorprojects/items/show/1299.
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