Out The Window: a portrait of garrett


Margevicius, Sam


Detail: suitcase prints



Work Type



silver gelatin print


3.5 x 5 in.



Artist Statement

These are the faces of Garrett Eaton, an artist born in the heart of Silicon Valley who, since the fourth grade, has relocated many times across the globe. In documenting has wandering lifestyle, i have explored how the presence of my camera affects the subject.

When Garrett faces my lens, he knows that he will be confronting his own mortality. So my camera urges him to express an ideal self. In his mythical narrative, a passion for music and expression persist. The silence inherent in these prints requires that Garrett project his stories entirely through his body.

Through installing a complete environment, my intention is to break the illusion that is created by any particular image. The whole structure shares the dimensions of the traditional 35mm rectangle and medium format square. each side is layered with texture, forcing the viewer away from the subject matter, back to the basic materiality of black and white paper. Juxtaposition of the paper and environmental artifacts shows the process of reconstructing a persona.

Annual Collection

Work Type


Margevicius, Sam, “Out The Window: a portrait of garrett,” Lewis & Clark Senior Art, accessed December 3, 2016, https://library.lclark.edu/seniorprojects/items/show/1273.
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