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Procertas Legal Tech Assessment: Start Here

The Legal Tech Assessment: Self-Paced Training in the Tech Skills Lawyers Need to Know

About the Procertas Legal Technology Assessment

Working remotely? Preparing your own documents? Welcome to law in the 2020s. The Legal Tech Assessment is here to help you get well past competency to mastery. Free up room for lawyering, spend less time on non-billable work, and impress your colleagues and family.

All Lewis & Clark Law School students, faculty, and staff now have access to the Procertas Legal Technology Assessment (LTA!). The LTA is made up of assessment and training modules that enable students to become "practice ready" in Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat — the basic tools of most lawyers' trade. Gain confidence that you've mastered the skills that will help you prepare legal documents efficiently before walking into a new job.

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Logging In

Log in to Procertas at using your email and the password you created at Procertas registration. Forgot your password? Go to the restore your Procertas password page. 

Using the LTA

The LTA is self-paced and geared to helping you become proficient in the specific tasks done by lawyers dozens of times every day. From mastering styles in Word, sorting data in Excel, and redacting text in PDF (and, yeah, this is important), you will quickly gain proficiency beyond that of most legal professionals.

(Need a copy of Office or Acrobat? Wondering if it works on your computer (Mac/Windows, yes; iOS/Android... no)? See the FAQ, below.)

Unlike most trainings, Procertas LTA is built on an active learning, self-directed, competency-based approach. For every task you'll download a file, work on it in Word/Excel/Adobe Acrobat, then upload the file. LTA pinpoints areas where training is needed, and then the training module shows you step-by-step how to perform that task. In a very short time you'll quickly be able to focus on the skills you've yet to acquire.

It's easy:

  1. Take one of the Assessment modules in Word, Excel, or PDF (and no worries if you get stumped on these — only about 1% of associates, law firm staff, and law students achieve a Qualified score on their first attempt)
  2. Run the quick Training modules in any areas you missed, as many times as you wish
  3. Retake the Assessment module


Skip the Assessment for now, and jump right into the Training module. It's not a test! When you're ready take the Assessment and earn your badge.

Once you've successfully complete a LTA module you will receive a digital badge indicating that you are a Certified Operator of Basic Office Technology (COBOT). You can list these certifications on your resume and add the digital badges to your LinkedIn profile.

COBOT Badge for PDF COBOT Badge for PDF COBOT Badge for PDF

Workshops and More Information

We'll be holding workshops during the school year for those who want assistance in using the Procertas LTA assessment and training modules. Keep an eye out for those workshop announcements.

View this quick video for a sense of how the Legal Tech Assessment can make you a better, more efficient legal professional:


Enjoy this quick overview of the LTA in action:


Need help or have any questions? Contact us at, call the reference desk, or use the chat button on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Procertas LTA?


How it Works


Where Can I Get Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) for free?

Students (and faculty and staff) can download Microsoft Office 365 Education for free with their Lewis & Clark email. Visit for more information.

How Do I Get Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Unlike with Office, there's no unlimited, free access to Adobe Acrobat (not to be confused with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you likely already have but is sufficient for creating and redacting documents). However, you do have two choices:

  1. Save 60% on the Creative Cloud for Education discount (Acrobat Pro, plus Photoshop, Illustrator, and more)
  2. Save your money and download the free, 7-day trial. Just be sure not to download until you are ready to work your way through the LTA Adobe Acrobat module. Same page as above, but click the "Free Trial" button.

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