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Teaching Online: Resources & Strategies

Links, Tips, and Resources for Teaching Online

Transitioning to Online Teaching: Guides & Quick Tips

Sample Agenda from University of Minnesota IT page, "Zoom: Teach Online Class Sessions"Where to start? The following resources provide tips and strategies for moving your course online, even in a hurry.

Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption (Cohn & Seltzer, Stanford U.)
Excellent guide to offering a student-centered learning experience in a remote or online learning environment. Links are to Stanford, but all the points made are transferable to our tools (Moodle/TWEN, Zoom, Panopto, Google Apps, etc.)

  • Pedagogy in times of disruption
  • Running your class live with Zoom
  • Pre-recording your lectures
  • When to skip the video
  • Student preseentations
  • Using your LMS for announcements, sharing material, dropbox, grading written materials
  • Chat
  • Individual Zoom meetings
  • much more

Plan. Adapt. Communicate.: Resources for a Swift Transition to Online Teaching (U. Connecticut)

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

  • Six steps for making the transition, with links to other excellent resources
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education has a rich collection of articles on making the transition. Download the complete collection (pdf)

Preparing for Alternative Course Delivery during Covid-19 (Center for Teaching Innovation, Cornell U.)

  • Readiness quiz
  • Specific strategies for communicating with your students, delivering course content, and assessing student learning

Collected Guidance, Tips, and Resource Links (Legal Writing Institute via Steve Johansen)

Pointers and Resources (quick Twitter thread from @johnhawks, 10-year veteran of the online teaching campaigns)

  • Start with an online icebreaker
  • Vary your environment
  • Video? Screencasting? Do what you already feel natural doing
  • Think accessibility, including describing pictures on screens
  • Use rubrics: students need information to fill in between the lines
  • Reset your clock on cheating
  • Remind students of your learning goals
  • more

Online Pedagogy — Law School (UW Gallagher Law Library)

LMS Tips When Putting Your Course Online in a Hurry (Vanderbuilt U.)

  • Written for brightspace LMS, but the tips and strategies apply to TWEN, Moodle, etc.

Remote Teaching Tips (UW Gallagher Law Library)

  • Rich collection of practical tips and pedagogical strategies, many now included in this colletion (thanks Mary Whisner!)

Resources for Online Learning (BarBri/iLaw)

Resources for Law Faculty On Teaching and Coronavirus / Covid-19 (CALI)

  • CALI Resources including tutorials, assessment tools, podcasts, polling, and open source materials (email or if you need an authorization code)
  • Collected advice from law professors

Interactive Guide for Law Faculty (UNLV)

  • Interactive guide designed to help law faculty specifically navigate some of the decisions/challenges related to online learning
  • "This chatbot can help you find the resources you need to virtually teach your students during the COVID-19 crisis (and beyond)"

Zoom: Teach Online Class Sessions (U. Minnesota; Another extremely helpful collection of tips; be sure to view the sample agenda pictured above) for a class section with timing and notes) 

Video Tutorials and Recorded Presentations

American Association of Law Schools (AALS)

Online Synchronous Classes: Strategies for Success (iLaw, BarBri)

Video Tutorials from Tracy L. Norton (Touro, via UW & CALI)

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