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Animal Law Research Guide: Getting Started

Starting Points

Animal Legal & Historical Center (Michigan State University)

An information repository for animal law, including introductions to various animal law topics, detailed articles on animal law issues, and select primary sources (cases, statutes, regulations, and local ordinances).

Animal Welfare (National Agricultural Law Center)

A guide highlighting major federal animal welfare statutes and regulations. Also features an animal welfare case law index (state and federal), an agricultural law bibliography, and links to other reference resources covering various animal welfare issues.

State Animal Protection Law Rankings (Animal Legal Defense Fund)

The Animal Legal Defense Fund's state-by-state rankings of animal protection laws. Use the map on this page to jump to compendiums listing each state's animal protection laws.


As the first humane organization to be granted legal authority to investigate and make arrests for crimes against animals, we are wholly dedicated to fulfilling the ASPCA mission through nonviolent approaches. Our organization provides local and national leadership in three key areas: caring for pet parents and pets, providing positive outcomes for at-risk animals and serving victims of animal cruelty.

Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the U.S. "and affiliates provide hands-on care and services to more than 100,000 animals each year" and " professionalize the field through education and training for local organizations."

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