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Fujie Core 120 Spring 2021: Home

Cover of Layli Long Soldier's 2017 poetry collection Whereas

Cover of Layli Long Soldier's Whereas (2012).

Find books, articles, and media by and about the author through Primo, the library's catalog.


Welcome to the course guide for Professor Kristin Fujie's spring 2021 first-year seminar, The Space Between: Writing Across Difference in American Literature!

The resources selected on the Databases tab are intended to help with your research for your pod's presentation on an assigned author.

You'll find overviews of library services in general and services specifically for remote students on the two other tabs.

If you have questions about the research for your author presentations, or more generally about research or using the library, please let Erica know! Email is the best way to get a fast response to small questions; you can generally expect to hear back in less than 24 hours on weekdays. For larger questions, a 30-minute consultation may make more sense. It's not at all necessary to have a perfectly articulated question at this stage. You can arrange an appointment by clicking on "Book a Research Consultation" and choosing a time that works with your schedule.

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