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Watzek Library Response to Coronavirus: Remote Resources

E-Book Collections

Listed below are several of the main ebook collections Watzek provides access to. For a comprehensive ebook search, use Primo and limit your search by resource type. Additional options are covered on an Ebooks guide.

Video Databases through Watzek

Audio Databases through Watzek

Free Resources During COVID-19

Many publishers, databases, and corporations are providing newly free resources for to help with remote learning.  Below is an evolving list (not exhaustive) with some resources you may find helpful. Your public library remains an excellent source for e-books and audiobooks as well (If you do not have a library card, please contact your local public library directly. They may be able to help you set up a card remotely). If you have any questions about this list or other resources, please contact a librarian. 

  • E-books - Please check these out! You may be able to get electronic access for some of your textbooks! 
    • Cengage Learning: Access to Cengage Unlimited (e-book platform) - use your .edu email for access
    • Internet Archive: A National Emergency Library - suspending all waitlist times for their e-book access
    • ‚ÄčSpringerNature: Over 400 available science textbooks! The link takes you to a list of available titles. 
    • VitalSource: E-books available for remainder of semester - use your .edu email for access
  • Databases (may include e-books)
    • Annual Reviews: Access to all content, without paywall
    • JSTOR: Expanded e-book access, and newly added package of public health journals
    • Project MUSE: Many publishers (mostly academic presses) are making their journals and/or e-books freely available
    • ProQuest: Our e-book access is greatly expanded thanks to publishers
  • Films
  • Audiobooks/Magazines
    • Audible: Free access to Audible Stories (a selection of books aimed for early childhood readers to YA to classics), no account required
    • Scribd (includes e-books and magazines too): Free 30-day access, no credit card required
  • Music