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Conservation of Migratory Species — Negotiating History: Guide

Documents of the negotiating history of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species.

The negotiations culminating in the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species produced a number of historical documents. This collection provides access to many of those documents.

Follow the links below for access. All documents are in PDF format. Any documents received in other formats have also been provided as PDF copies of the original.


Document Folders


Inf: General Information

PR: Press Information

SumPl: Summary of the results of the plenary (Zusammenfassung der Arbeitsergebnisse des Plenum)

RT: Text readings proposed amendments (Textlesungen, änderungsvorschlaäge)

AC: Consultations (Beratungen uber Anhänge)

DC: documents for the editorial exclusion (Unterlangen fur den Radktionsausschluss)

FinC: (Ersatzentwürfe)

Pl: Documents, proposals, explanations of treatment in the Plenary (Unterlagen, Vorschläge, Erklärungen zur Behandlung im plenum)

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