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Legal Research Courses and Workshops: Oregon Legal Research & LexisNexis for Externs

Oregon Legal Research & LexisNexis for Externs and Associates

Externs, associates, clerks, soon-to-be grads, and students of all manner are invited to this combined workshop. Megan McCombs Hays of LexisNexis shares secondary sources for unfamiliar areas of law, drafting tools, jury verdicts, rules, and much more. Mari Cheney and Rob Truman from your law library offer up a fast dash through all the tools you need for legal research in the great state of Oregon

Presented April 12, 2017. With Megan McCombs Hayes, Mari Cheney, and Rob Truman.

Cover image and link –– Video webcast of Oregon Legal Resources and LexisNexis for Externs and Associates Program
Streaming video (LC Law Login Required).