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Animal Law Research Guide: International & Foreign Law

Search Tips

​1) International Legal Research Tutorial: a collaboration between Duke Law Library and UC Berkeley Law Library

2) For a comprehensive guide see the International and Foreign Animal Law research guide at Georgetown Law Library.

3) When using Google to find international and foreign law documents you can narrow a search to a specific web site with the site:  search command.


  • poaching
  • “laboratory animals”
  • "animal welfare"

Library Catalogs

International Library Catalogs

European Library

  • Search the catalogs of the national and research libraries of Europe.  Also links to Europeana, cultural collections of images, text, video, and sound.

Peace Palace Library

  • A catalog of books and articles from one of the oldest and most prestigious international law libraries.  The keyword searching option is similar to a subject heading search and will expand your results.

United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library

  • Contains UN documents and publications (many in full-text) from 1979 onwards, in addition to records of non-UN sources owned by the library.

Secondary Sources


Treaty Collections and Web Sites

United States Treaty Research 

There is no single source for finding, retrieving, or updating treaties or international agreements.  As a result, a researcher will often need to be creative and consult several sources when researching a particular treaty. Start with a research guide or visit the U.S. Department of State Treaty Affairs site.

Treaties from Other Countries (non-U.S.)

™Proposed Treaty: Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDWA)

  • Several animal welfare organizations are leading a campaign to gather 10 million signatures to present to the United Nations along with the text of the UDWA

Specific International Agreements

™CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

  • species protection for wild animals

™WTO (World Trade Organization)

  • trade law issues for mostly “domesticated” animals

International Whaling Commission

Specific European Union Treaties

International Organizations & Governing Bodies

EUR-Lex provides free access, in the 24 official EU languages, to:

  • the Official Journal of the European Union
  • EU law (EU treaties, directives, regulations, decisions, consolidated legislation, etc.)
  • preparatory acts (legislative proposals, reports, green and white papers, etc.)
  • EU case-law (judgements, orders, etc.)
  • international agreements
  • EFTA documents
  • other public documents
™FAOLEX (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
  • database contains treaties, laws and regulations on food, agriculture and renewable natural resources from all over the world.
  • ™Control of Animal Diseases
  • –World Animal Health Information Database
  • –Latest News

European Commission: Animal Welfare

European Enforcement Network of Animal Welfare Lawyers and Commissioners

Constitution Project (World Animal Net)

IFAW: International Fund for Animal Welfare

  • provides research about issues and advocates for the inclusion of animal welfare considerations into international agreements. 

Journals, News and Web Sites

Working Papers, Reports and Scholarly Publications


Web Sites, News, and Blogs


Research Help

Contact a research librarian for help with an assignment, project, or resource. 

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