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Foreign Law Research Guide: Citations

Guide to resources in foreign law.

Online Citation Guides

There are three United States sources for foreign law citations, listed below. The helpful law librarians at the University of Washington's Gallagher Law Library have created a table that summarizes the country coverage of the three guides. Note that this table does not include the 21st edition of the Bluebook's Table T2, now online.

Tips for Hard to Cite Sources

1. Use the Bluebook's Rule 20 for guidance on citing to jurisdictions that aren't included in Table T2 or other citation guides.

2. Run searches to see how other law reviews have cited the material.

3. Use an existing citation generator. For example, when viewing an article via HeinOnline's Law Journal Library, click the Cite button above the table of contents to get the citation format for the article in a variety of formats: Bluebook, Oxford, and the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation.

4. Search for citation guide for a particular country. See examples below:



Print Citators in Boley