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Foreign Law Research Guide: Subject Guides

Guide to resources in foreign law.

Research suggestions

There are generally two approaches to locating foreign laws; by jurisdiction and by subject. If you don't find what you are looking using one approach, try the other. Persistence and a willingness to try many sources are helpful traits in a legal researcher.

Remember that some of the websites listed below are curated guides to specific websites (e.g., Globalex and Foreign Law Guide) while others are databases of laws (FAOLEX and the World Bank's Law Library). Some are a combination of the two (WorldLII).

Finally, check both the currency of the website and the documents provided. You may have to check several websites to find the most current information.

Guides for Finding Subject Collections

Special Subject Collections

Find your own Subject Research Guide

Follow this formula to find a guide on your topic using your favorite search engine:

[subject] + legal or law + research guide

Search Example: International Animal law research guide yields a guide from Georgetown Law entitled International and Foreign Animal Law Research Guide