The Lewis & Clark College Archives will attempt to meet the needs of all individuals desiring access to college records, but some of these records are closed to researchers for varying lengths of time. Please read the following restrictions. After reading the restrictions, please sent a detailed written request for information to:

With the exception of materials noted below, records in the Lewis & Clark College Archives that are more than 35 years old are open to researchers. Records of major College officers and administrators, such as the President, Provost, and deans are closed to researchers for 35 years beginning on the date on which the person leaves office; the restriction applies to the entire body of records created during the administrator's tenure. College staff with proper authorization may request records created by their office at any time.

Exceptions to the 35 year restriction policy include:
- student records (defined as credentials, grade sheets, correspondence, reports, notes, application and all other records pertaining to past and present students) are closed for 75 years from the date the student graduates or withdraws from the College
- personnel records of the College's faculty and staff, are closed for 75 years after an individual's retirement or departure

When necessary, records older than 35 years old may be closed to researchers if they have not been reviewed and processed sufficiently to ensure their preservation and to identify records that may require closure for longer than the standard period.

Use of Records in Connection with Cases at Law or Legal Proceedings
Requests for permission to examine any college records in connection with cases at law or legal proceedings of any kind will be referred to the President of the College.