The following guidelines should be followed by all campus departments planning to deposit records in the archives. These guidelines will help us store the records efficiently and in a manner that they may be easily accessed in the future. Records will be returned if the following procedures are not followed.

1) Before being sent, materials should be evaluated to determine if they belong in the archives. Records should be sent to the archives if federal and state laws require the records to be kept (please contact the archives to see a retention schedule), or if the materials have historic value to the study of the college's history. Examples of historical items include photographs of campus events, college publications, etc. Because of space constraints, we are unable to store records that do not meet the criteria above.

2) After determining that the record(s) belong in the archives, items should be placed in a standard sized archival box with a lid (12"W x 15"L x 10"H). Because of shelving constraints, we ask that all items are delivered in this standard box. Items inside the box such as folders should be labeled, and a contents list should be placed inside each box.

3) Label the box in a descriptive manner that includes inclusive dates, and the department from which the box came. Also include destruction dates based on the retention schedule, if box is not for permanent storage.

4) Be sure to call the archives before delivering the records. If you feel that the instructions listed above do not apply to the materials you would like to send to archives, please let us know, and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.