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American rhetoric

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American rhetoric


Online.  This noncommercial site links to five indexes: Speech Bank, Top 100 Speeches, Movie Speeches, Figures in Sound, Christian Rhetoric, Rhetoric of 9-11. Transcripts and,in some cases, mp3 audio are available for the speeches.

Book Review:

Reviewed in CHOICE: [Visited Mar'06] With this site, Eidenmuller (Univ. of Texas, Tyler) provides a gateway to a number of useful resources, including the full transcribed text and, in many cases, streaming audio of numerous famous and important speeches. Most of the audio clips are in MP3 format, compatible with standard PC and Mac media players. Some speeches from the era before audio-recording technology are available in versions read by actors and other personalities (for example, Johnny Cash reads Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address"). The site encompasses material both in the public domain and protected by copyright (a caveat alerts users to the presence of copyrighted material and notes that its inclusion on the site is consistent with the principles of fair use for educational purposes). The site also provides links to professional resources for scholars of rhetoric, most notably the major scholarly organizations. Among the site's interesting pages: a rhetoric quiz with clips to identify from famous speeches and transcribed material for classroom exercises--an interchange from professional basketball and a dialogue from ancient Greek philosophy. Another useful page is Rhetorical Figures in Sound, a collection of audio clips illustrating more than 40 figures of speech. This site will be a useful resource for primary material and a helpful noncommercial alternative to the History Channel's Speeches and Video (http://www.historychannel.com/broadband/home/) for those seeking the text and recordings of speeches for classroom projects or general enrichment. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-/upper-division undergraduates; faculty; general users. -- L. R. Braunstein, Dartmouth College
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