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Columbia International Affairs Online

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Columbia International Affairs Online


A comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. CIAO publishes a wide range of scholarship, including journals, books, working papers, policy briefs, case studies and course packs. Links to the World Factbook allow access to maps and country data.

  • The Working Papers section of CIAO includes papers submitted for publication in refereed journals, transcripts and summaries from international affairs conferences, and chapters intended for publication in proceedings volumes.
  • A search of Journals retrieves articles or abstracts culled from some of the most important journals in international affairs.
  • Books on CIAO include full-text volumes and books with selected chapters. Representing a wide variety of publishers and institutes, books are selected in consultation with CIAO's editorial advisory board.
  • Policy Briefs are short, topical essays and position papers from a range of contributing institutions.
  • Course Packs and Case Studies: The case studies, written by leading scholars in international affairs, illustrate key concepts and provide historical background on crucial episodes in international affairs. Course packs contain readings and links to authoritative outside sources on key issues and conflicts that appear in foreign policy and international relations courses.

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