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On the Media (from NPR)

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On the Media (from NPR)


A media watchdog radio program for best access browse the archives or use search button to locate specific topics. Listen with realplayer or read transcripts. Commentaries, analyses and reports cover significant media issues of the day, and longer-form investigative documentaries apply a microscope to the media, culture and society. Topics have included network and international coverage of the 2000 Presidential election; media merger mania; net-slaves - the working stiffs of the internet speak out; coverage of national traumas in news; the politics of nudity; the effect of modern marketing on children; and digital movies. In addition to receiving critical praise in the local and national media, On The Media won a Silver Medal for Investigative Reporting in the internationally contested New York Festivals Competition 2000 and a special citation from the prestigious Bart Richards Award for Media Criticism.

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