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James J. Kopp First-Year Research Awards 2015

About the Awards

Two Research Awards of $200 each will be awarded yearly. These awards were created to highlight the value of good research techniques, reward scholarly research that develops a thoughtful and methodical approach to the research process, and demonstrate how scholarly research develops the critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking skills that are an integral part of a liberal arts education. The awards are given in memory of our much-missed library director, Dr. James J. Kopp, who taught in the Core program for many years and was an impassioned researcher and scholar in his own right.

Evaluation Criteria

The Research Awards will be open to projects 1) produced in the second semester of Exploration and Discovery and 2) satisfying the evaluation criteria (below). Successful candidate projects will:

  • Make explicit and significant use of library research resources, services and collections.
  • Demonstrate an ability to identify, locate, select, evaluate, and synthesize information from scholarly research resources.
  • Evince explicit critical methods of research and inquiry.

The evaluation committee will consider overall quality and whether and to what degree a project fulfills the above criteria. Research projects may include a wide diversity of methods, topics, genre and approaches. For example, projects may incorporate not only written but oral work, posters, and digital media. The committee may evaluate both single projects and portfolios.


The application period will begin on Wednesday, April 15.  Required application materials must be submitted by Friday, May 8. Faculty will be notified if a student has completed an application and requested a Faculty Statement of Support. Faculty will submit Statements of Support via online survey, which will be emailed to faculty by Friday, May 8 and must be completed by Saturday, May 15. The evaluation committee, consisting of two librarians and two faculty members, will evaluate the submitted work during the summer. Winners will be notified by Wednesday, July 1, and an awards reception will take place in the 2014-15 academic year.

Publicity, Award Display and Archive

The Library will promote the award on its website, in instruction sessions in E&D classes and in communication with faculty teaching E&D. Watzek Library may put the winning entry on display in the Library, and may also add a digital copy to the library collection and make it available online. Electronic access to the project will be restricted to current students, faculty and staff of Lewis & Clark College.

Application Instructions

Beginning April 15, first-year students may apply online via the library website http://library.lclark.edu/reference/researchaward/

Required application materials must be received by Friday, May 8 and include:

  • The application form
  • The Research Paper and Research Summary that describes the applicant's library research process and how the paper or project meets the evaluation criteria. Please submit both in pdf format.
  • Research Paper/Project digital copy, EITHER
    1. A digital copy of the Research Paper/Project uploaded online. The online application form will allow upload of Word or PDF documents.
    2. OR

    3. Digital copies of the Research Project hand-delivered to the Watzek Library Circulation Desk. If the project is not a reproducible as a PDF or a Word doc, please submit via DVD or CD the audio and/or video and/or images that will serve as a copy of the project. We will need 4 (four) copies of the disc(s). Please label each with the following information: Watzek Library First-Year Research Award, Applicant name, Paper/project title, Applicant email, Applicant phone number. Missing or inadequate labeling may result in lost materials and/or disqualification.
  • Permission to display the winning paper or project in the library and also to add a copy of it to the Library Collections and make it available online. Electronic access to the project will be restricted to current students, faculty and staff of Lewis & Clark College.
  • Recommended: Additionally, applicants are encouraged (but not required) to solicit a Faculty Statement of Support from their E&D instructor. Applicants should discuss this with their instructors beforehand and may elect, when they complete the online application process, to have an email sent to their instructor that will invite them to submit the Statement of Support through an online survey.  Faculty will be notified by May 8 if student has requested a Statement of Support and they will be invited to fill out the survey. All survey responses must be received by May 15..


Questions or comments regarding the James J Kopp First-Year Research Awards may be directed to:

Dan Kelley, Faculty Outreach Coordinator, Aubrey R Watzek Library 503-768-7287

This page maintained by Dan Kelley dkelley@lclark.edu. Updated 09 May, 2016.