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Research Guide: IA 237 Development: Problems and Prospects - Coe

Economic Origins of Dictatorship and DemocracyAcemoglu, Daron and James Robinsonavailable online
Collective Action, Property Rights, and Decentralization in Resource Use in India and NepalAgrawal, Arun and Elinor Ostromavailable online
The Feasibility of Democracy in AfricaAke, Claudeavailable online
Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of NationalismAnderson, Benedictavailable online
Confronting the Coffee CrisisBacon, Christopheravailable online
Globalization and Rural PovertyBardhan, Pavailable online
Markets and States in Tropical AfricaBates, Robert Havailable online
Profile: Jacob ZumaBBC Newsavailable online
U.S. and Britain Agree on Relief for Poor NationsBecker, Elizabeth and Richard Stevensonavailable online
Trade and Poverty in the Poor CountriesBhagwati, J and Srinivasanavailable online
Bono Made Jesse Helms CryBusby, Williamavailable online
Greed and Grievance in Civil WarCollier, Paul and Anke Hoeffleravailable online
The India ModelDas, Gurcharanavailable online
The Democratic Rollback: The Resurgence of the Predatory StateDiamond, Larryavailable online
Spreading the WealthDollar, David and Aart Kraayavailable online
Fair Trade in BloomDownie, Andrewavailable online
The elusive quest for growth : economists' adventures and misadventures in the tropics Easterly, William Russell.check availability
Protectionism and Latin America’s Historical Economic DeclineEdwards, Sebastianavailable online
The State as Problem and Solution: Predation, Embedded Autonomy, and Structural ChangeEvans, Peteravailable online
Violence and the Social Construction of Ethnic IdentityFearon, James and David Laitinavailable online
Fair Trade Coffee: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Market-Driven Social JusticeFridell, Gavinavailable online
Is Inequality Decreasing? Debating the Wealth and Poverty of NationsGalbraith, Jamesavailable online
Politicians and Poachers: The Political Economy of Wildlife Policy in AfricaGibson, Clarkavailable online
From the Washington Consensus to the Post-Washington ConsensusHayami, Yujiroavailable online
Mbeki's South AfricaHerbst, Jeffreyavailable online
Constitutional Design: Proposals versus ProcessesHorowitz, Donaldavailable online
Civil Society and Development: A Critical ExplorationHowell, Jude and Jenny Pearceavailable online
Can India overtake China?Huang and Khanaavailable online
The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth CenturyHuntington, Samuel Pavailable online
China Sentences 2 Elderly Women to Labor for Seeking to ProtestJacobs, Andrewavailable online
How Much is a Seat on the Security Council Worth?Kuziemko, Ilyana and Eric Werkeravailable online
Economic Growth and Income InequalityKuznets, Simonavailable online
Bringing Politics Back in: Towards a Model of the Developmental StateLeftwich, Adrianavailable online
The Wave of Power-Sharing DemocracyLijphart, Arendavailable online
Citizen and Subject: Contemporary Africa and the Legacy of Late ColonialismMamdani, Mahmoodavailable online
The Old Generation of Development Economists and the NewMeier, Gavailable online
Measuring Development: The Evolution of Measures of DevelopmentMeier, Gerald and James E Rauchavailable online
The Great Catfish WarNew York Timesavailable online
The Unkept PromiseNew York Timesavailable online
Institutions MatterNorth, Douglassavailable online
Rightful Resistance in Rural ChinaO'Brien, Kevin and Lianjiang Liavailable online
Dictatorship, Democracy, and DevelopmentOlson, Mancuravailable online
Economics of development Perkins, Dwight H.check availability
Democracy and Economic DevelopmentPrzeworski, Adamavailable online
Bush and Foreign AidRadelet, Stevenavailable online
The Debate on Globalization, Poverty and Inequality: Why Measurement MattersRavallion, Martinavailable online
Waiting for Democracy: The Politics of Choice in Natural Resource DecentralizationRibot, Jesseavailable online
How Biofuels Could Starve the PoorRunge, F. and B. Senaueravailable online
Social Conflict and Populist Policies in Latin AmericaSachs, Jeffreyavailable online
Leftist Party Wins Salvadoran VoteSchmidt, Blake and Elisabeth Malkinavailable online
The End of ODA: Death and Rebirth of a Global Public PolicySeverino and Rayavailable online
Morality and the Market: Consumer Pressure for Corporate AccountabilitySmith, N Craigavailable online
The Export TrapThe Economistavailable online
The Global Menace of Local StrifeThe Economistavailable online
Getting Debt Relief RightThomas, M. A.available online
Solidary Groups, Informal Accountability and Local Public Good Provision in Rural ChinaTsai, Lilyavailable online
Presidentialism and Clientelism in Africa’s Emerging Party SystemsVan de Walle, Nicolasavailable online
Can Kenyan Power-Share Plan Work?Wadhams, Nickavailable online
The Long Gestation and Brief Triumph of Import Substituting IndustrializationWaterbury, Johnavailable online
Reconsidering State and Society in Africa: The Institutional Dimension in Land Reform PoliciesWilliams, Donald Cavailable online
Democracy and the Washington ConsensusWilliamson, Johnavailable online
Chinas Efficiency Beats Indias DemocracyWu Jiaxiangavailable online
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